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Biofield Science and Healing: History, Terminology, and Concepts

Comparison of Physical Therapy with Energy Healing for Improving Range of Motion in Subjects with Restricted Shoulder Mobility

Experiences With a Distant Reiki Intervention During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Effect of Reiki Therapy on Pain and Anxiety in Adults

Effect of Reiki on the stress level of caregivers of patients with cancer

Effectiveness of Biofield Therapy for Patients Diagnosed With Fibromyalgia

Effects of Reiki on Autonomic Activity Early After Acute Coronary Syndrome


Effect of Reiki Therapy on Quality of Life and Fatigue Levels of Breast Cancer Patients Receiving Chemotherapy

Evaluation of the Impacts of Reiki Touch Therapy on Patients Diagnosed With Fibromyalgia Who Are Followed in the Pain Clinic

Immediate Effects of Reiki on Heart Rate Variability, Cortisol Levels, and Body Temperature in Health Care Professionals With Burnout

Integrative Reiki for Cancer Patients: A Program Evaluation

In vitro effect of Reiki treatment on bacterial cultures: Role of experimental context and practitioner well-being

Pilot Crossover Trial of Reiki Versus Rest for Treating Cancer-Related Fatigue

Quantifying Biofield Therapy through Biophoton Emission in a Cellular Model

Reiki Is Better Than Placebo and Has Broad Potential as a Complementary Health Therapy


The effect of Reiki on fatigue and comfort in hemodialysis patients


The effect of reiki on anxiety, fear, pain, and oxygen saturation in abdominal surgery patients


The effect of reiki on pain: A meta-analysis

What Biophoton Images of Plants Can Tell Us about Biofields and Healing

Human Biofield Therapy and the Growth of Mouse Lung Carcinoma

Reiki Transforms Shelter Cats

Reiki for Animals: The Power of Peace to Heal | Psychology Today United Kingdom

Reiki Healing for Pets: Is It Possible? – American Kennel Club (



A systematic review of evidence for the added benefits to health of exposure to natural environments


A before and after comparison of the effects of forest walking on sleep

Analysis of Individual Variations in Autonomic Responses to Urban and Forest Environments


A Walking Intervention to Improve Nature Connection and Mental Health

Beyond Restoration: Considering Emotion Regulation in Natural Well-Being

Exposure to restorative environments helps restore attentional capacity

Effects of forest bathing on pre-hypertensive and hypertensive adults

Effects of viewing forest landscape on middle-aged hypertensive men

How do nature-based interventions influence access to and perceptions of the natural environment

Interacting with nature improves cognition and affect for individuals with depression

Medical empirical research on forest bathing


Nature-based outdoor activities for mental and physical health


Psychological and physiological effect in humans of touching plant foliage

Physiological Benefits of Viewing Nature

Relationship between psychological responses and physical environments in forest settings


Social Prescribing: the power of nature as treatment - Natural England


Stress recovery during exposure to natural and urban environments

The Effects of Forest Therapy on Coping with Chronic Widespread Pain


Therapeutic effect of forest bathing on human hypertension in the elderly - ScienceDirect

‘Therapeutic landscape’ experiences – redefining their relationship with the everyday


Understanding Nature and Its Cognitive Benefits


Vis Medicatrix naturae: does nature "minister to the mind"?


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