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Visions by Heidi ❖ An Origin Story

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Sunrise over the English Channel viewed through mostly bare trees
April Sunrise over the English Channel

I am not a photographer. I take pictures. Prior to moving to England, I was not a picture-taker. My relocation from the USA to the UK sparked the desire to record and share the wonders of this new environment, yet my photo collection remained small.

Upon moving from Rye to just outside Winchelsea, I searched for cards featuring local photos to send back to the States. The local town shop, Co-Op, and even the town museum bore no fruit, thus the hunt continued. The following year, a neighbour gave me a Christmas Card depicting a Romney Marsh church in nearby Kent. Wouldn't it be great, I thought, to have a similar but local card to send?

The following Christmas I sent cards featuring scenes of Dartmoor National Park, and one, of course, went to that same neighbour. She enjoyed and appreciated the card's photo enough to keep it on prominent display for weeks post-holidays. Wouldn't it be great, I thought, to be able to have a card featuring a local image for others to similarly keep on display long after the intended occasion?

As the years progressed, my collection of local photos expanded exponentially. My friends and family overseas always enjoyed the images I shared on social media, and regularly requested more. However, my participation in social media waned, then evaporated. Still keen to share my images with others, I tried using email and instant messaging, but that was cumbersome and chaotic.


In early summer 2021, my adventure began at Charles Palmer Vineyards. After lending a hand in the vineyards, winery, and even sheep work, I became a contracted sole trader last September. My photo

taking habit continued, culminating in a slide show presentation for their Christmas Open House. Strangers approached me to express both admiration and appreciation of my work, which, after surprise melted into acceptance, was my tipping point. The journey to create Visions by Heidi was born.

By March 2022, it was time to seek out a printer for my new project. As with all things, I researched extensively, made price comparison charts, and envisioned the computer-to-print process to feel out each possible avenue. In mid-July 2022 I ordered my first set of cards from Redcliffe Imaging. The quality of the prints,, physical materials, and superior customer service were so impressive, that providing their name and website link was an automatic thought!

Visit the Visions by Heidi Shop to see the results!



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