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Who I Am

phone or text: 07715 439264

Holistic healer. Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher. Sound Healer. Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher. Countryside Card Creator. Musician. Artist. Nature Communicator.

As a pharmacist since 1991, my main job was helping others. Over time, I realized there had to be a better way. Traditional medicine seemed a small piece of the vast health puzzle.


Opportunity knocked when I had my first Reiki session. I threw open the doors and welcomed in this different way of wellness.


A tempest rampaged through my life. Firey winds of change. I left my pharmacist career, my friends and family, and my way of life. My home in Massachusetts, USA, gave way to a new home in south east rural England.


My indoor lifestyle dissolved. I embraced England's countryside and being outdoors. A deep appreciation for and connexion to nature flourished. I started working outside for the first time in my life at the local vineyards.


Love for the local landscapes produced my countryside images and cards. I felt driven to share this bounty with others.


It was time to offer my Reiki practice as well.


In a quest to find accompanying music, I decided to compose my own. This expanded into a Sound Healing Certification. I deepened my mindfulness and meditation practice and also obtained teaching certification.



The universe is a single, vast, interconnected tapestry of energy. Nature is a subset of this vibratory weave. This is the foundations of my holistic health and healing toolset. Each session offers not only healing, but also skills you can use every day.


Now I use these tools to help, heal, and teach. These are my missions. These are my Visions.

Visions Promotional Photo
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