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Heidi Lynne Dexter Rixon OCT 2023

Life is an interconnected, rich, multi-layered tapestry. We are not merely a sum of our individual parts. Each part works synergistically with the others, creating our whole selves. My healing method combines Reiki, sound, music, mindfulness, and meditation as a holistic healing experience.


I am a Reiki Master Practitioner and teacher. Also, I am certified in sound healing, meditation, and mindfulness. My practice features original sound and music, which I create to promote healing, and general well-being.


Additionally, I am an avid countryside explorer, nature fanatic, photographer, and artist. These pursuits enhance my healing practice. Being in nature is as essential as good food and clean water. Photography enhances my experience of everyday life. Using my images in my art allows a creative interpretation of the world around me.


In 2015, I moved from the Boston, Massachusetts area to South East England. My life in America was mostly indoors. Since 1991, I have been a registered pharmacist. The immediate work environment was temperature-controlled, brightly lit, with rarely any windows. I gave little thought to spending time outdoors.


This changed dramatically when I moved to England. Being a pharmacist here would require years of additional schooling. My family, friends, and familiar surroundings were left behind. Life for me started again with a clean slate. I had to learn daily living from scratch.


I would love to say that I embraced this exciting new life chapter with grace and ease. That did not happen. I struggled—a lot. For years, I immersed myself in the surrounding countryside. The healing and nourishing embrace of nature both invigorated and inspired me.


Photography and art became an expressively creative outlet. My Reiki, mindfulness and meditation helped ground me and deeply connect with my new home. Composing music and practising sound healing bridged artistic creativity with energy therapy.


Drawn towards my science roots, I revisited and expanded my study of quantum physics, an interest forged in the early Millennial years. Hundreds of hours soaking in research and deep consideration offered an integral piece of the healing and wellness puzzle. Finally, I could say, "Everything is energy and vibration," with reams of facts and figures to support this statement.


My powerful and unwavering desire to help others inspired me to offer my services to you. Contact me for more information, to schedule a session, or for a free initial consultation.



phone or text message: (+44) 07715 439264


Saturday 4th March 2023: Icklesham Fair

10am to 4pm at Icklesham Village Hall

Icklesham Village Memorial Hall

Workhouse Lane, Icklesham  TN36 4BJ

Friday 24th March 2023: Funky Hen Shopping Evening
6pm to 9pm at the Cellar Door, Charles Palmer Vineyards
Wickham Rock Lane
Winchelsea, TN36 4AG

Saturday 1st April 2023: Pett WI Fair

10am to 3pm at Pett Village Hall

Pett Road

Pett, Hastings TN35 4HD

Saturday 18th November 2023: Pett WI Christmas Fair

10am to 3pm at Pett Village Hall

Pett Road

Pett, Hastings TN35 4HD

Friday 1st December 2023: Icklesham Christmas Fair

7pm to 9;30pm at 

Icklesham Village Hall

Icklesham Village Memorial Hall

Workhouse Lane, Icklesham  TN36 4BJ


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