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What I Can Do For YOU

Sheep Witness Misty Sunrise

What Is Holistic Healing?


Holistic healing treats the whole of our being. Not just one part. Or one system. Or one symptom. 


Dis-ease. Dis-comfort. Dis-connection. My holistic approach guides you back towards ease. To Comfort. To Connection.


Healing with layers. Reiki energy. Sound via music. Mindfulness exercises. Meditation practices. Deeper connexion to our Earth, to Nature.


Most importantly, you enjoy the experience. Wellness need not be boring.


Each session bubbles with Reiki energy. The room. The space. Soothing. Flowing. Healing. Each practice, exercise, and treatment infused, enhanced, and enriched with healing Reiki energy.


My custom-composed compositions create the sound-healing setting. Soothing music. Rejuvenating frequencies. Relaxing melodies. Every score crafted via intensely-focused well-being intentions. Reiki energy and nourishing frequencies intricately woven into the music. A relaxing background foundation for your healing experience.


It is 'your' healing experience. Your session is custom-tailored to meet your unique needs.


Journey via brief guided meditation and vivid visualization.  Increase awareness of your energetic field (biofield.) Practical methods to boost your biofield health. Enhance your energetic strength. Brighten your auric luminosity.


Discover or revisit your natural, deep, crucial connexion with our Earth and Nature. Your world and universe. Yourself and, by extension, everything around you.


Learn the art of mindfulness. Train your focus, attention, and intention.


Discover ways of bringing this timeless exercise into your everyday life. Practice your own way of using nature as a mindfulness tool.


You will be comfortably seated throughout the session. No mat or special equipment needed. No specific outfit to wear. Just bring yourself, a desire for wellness, and an open mind. 


Enjoy a relaxing, healing, refreshing journey. Learn simple ways to reduce stress, anxiety, and worry. Discover how to use your own power to take control of and enhance your life.

Balance your physical body and boost your energy field using a powerful combination of Reiki and Sound Healing

Calm your mind and control your thoughts and emotions with simple mindfulness and meditation practices

Relate to Nature in fun and easy ways that will relax you and supercharge your life
Helping You Help Yourself via Holistic Healing
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