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Winchelsea Beach Lockdown 2020

Mindfulness and meditation are separate practices. They also work in tandem. Together they are powerful healing tools.


Mindfulness is total awareness of the present moment. Complete attention to a single task, item, or feeling. All other thoughts flow through our awareness without gaining our attention. Our attention equals energy. Without our attention, they glide through our minds.


Meditation is an intentional quieting of the mind. Awareness of our breath. A mantra. An object, A guided journey. Like mindfulness, meditation allows thoughts and feelings to flow through our awareness.


Both teach us to control our minds. Our normal mind is an ocean of chaotic thoughts. Feelings. The past. The future. We tend to follow these thoughts into 'spiralling out.' Worry and anxiety intrude and take control. Our body tenses. Heart races. The spiral takes over.


Sound familiar?


'Multi-tasking' is a myth. We cannot hold more than one thought or feeling at a time. Our minds switch back and forth between things. That is the reality of multi-tasking. Once diverted, our attention may take up to twenty minutes to return to a focused state.


Control your focus, and unwanted, unhelpful thoughts cannot take over. They enter our awareness and continue on their way. We are not 'not' thinking about them. Awareness without attention. Acknowledgement without emotion. Acceptance without resistance.



I was once the Queen of Chaos. The Empress of Stress. The Damsel of Doom. Chronic negativity. Disastrous expectations. Prepared for the worst. I developed migraines and tension headaches. Panic attacks. A bleeding ulcer. If I did not control my mind, my ulcer would activate. Internal bleeding would be the end of me.



If mindfulness and meditation practices work for me, they can work for you.



A relentlessly curious mind, always trying new ideas and a vast expanse of creativity. This trifecta mandates new mindfulness and meditation practices for personal use. Once tried and tested, they are ready for practice by you!

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