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Reiki is the Japanese art of energy healing. As a certified Reiki practitioner, I tap into the universal energetic flow. This harmonious energy then flows through me, into you. Through you. This encourages balance, calm, and flow throughout your biofield. Your own body can now heal itself.


The biofield is the electromagnetic envelope around each living thing. Including us. It flows within and without, extending about two meters beyond our body. Hold both arms straight out from your body. That is the general biofield 'boundary.' Our biofield is the foundation of our health, well-being, and state of mind. The physical body and electromagnetic body (biofield) are mirrors of each other. What effects one, effects both.


Imbalance, disturbance, and blockages within our biofield create unwelcome 'symptoms.' These noticeable effects lead to chronic conditions and illness. Anxiety. Stress. Lack of sleep. Chronic pain. Local and systemic inflammation. Organ or system dysfunction. Acute injuries such as a broken bone or torn muscle. All cause biofield imbalances


A healthy, happy, free-flowing physical body creates a healthy, happy, free-flowing biofield. As our skin is the physical boundary between 'us' and 'not us,' our biofield is our electromagnetic boundary. Have you ever felt uncomfortable in the midst of a crowded place? That is your biofield encountering many others simultaneously. Ever meet someone for the first time and immediately feel uneasy? This is your biofield reacting to another's energy that does not resonate with yours.


The Reiki Practitioner is a conduit of the harmonic universal energy flow. Like a copper wire. Or a straw. This extraordinary energy does NOT originate from the person themselves. However, 'in-transit' it has a slight 'flavour' reflecting each individual Reiki practitioner. For example, someone else's conducted Reiki 'flavour' or 'taste' may be vanilla. My Reiki tends towards cinnamon. That means I am an Energetic Cinnamon Straw, in a way. I do not have my own Cinnamon Energetic Powers. It's all Reiki. With a tinge of cinnamon.


Similarly, each different practitioner has their treatment style. My methods reflect your own unique needs and situation. The most important mandate is your comfort. Wearing loose and comfy clothing is your only requirement. I gently place my hands on you depending on where the moment directs. Whilst doing so, I also fill the space with Reiki energy. My therapeutic music provides a synergistic foundation. An intricate, all-encompassing healing matrix surrounds you, filling the room.


Your first session lays the foundation. Each treatment adds another layer along your healing journey. Depending on your unique need, they can be weekly, bi-weekly, or intermittent. There are no specific 'rules' or 'schedule' that work best for everyone.


Safe. Effective. Non-toxic. Zero interaction with medication or condition. Great for all ages. Also works on animals and even plants (my home brims with happy and vibrant house plants!)



Sound is the interpretation of vibration by receptors in our ears. Sounds blanket our environment. The passing hum of traffic. Distant rumble of airplanes. The tempos of wind and rain. Birds serenade outside our window.  All contribute to the daily symphony.


We are adrift amidst a sea of sounds.

Of all our senses, sound tends to take a backseat. We are aware of what we see, feel, and even smell. What we hear generally goes unnoticed. Like scent, sound goes directly into our brain without needing translation. Sound is primal. Certain sounds are physically sensed via vibration.


Sound has the power to harm or heal. Soothe or irritate. Evoke shades of memories long forgotten. Sound can break up a kidney stone. Ultrasound paints a picture of structures inside our bodies. Sound is so powerful and effective it can be a weapon.


Music is artful communication via sound. Notes. Melodies. Rhythms. Vocal tones. Noise creating patterns. Music effects our emotional state. Used in marketing. In shops to encourage purchases. Inside restaurants to enhance the dining experience.


Nature's sounds strike an instinctual cord inside us all. No matter what your musical tastes, everyone reacts positively to Nature's Symphonies. Birdsong has a proven comforting effect. The gentle roar of waves lapping the coastline. Soft trickles of a meandering stream. Rhythmic patterns of rain tapping on the window.


Sound healing uses vibration and frequency to encourage balance and flow to your body.


Balance and flow create a happy, healthy body.


My sound healing tool of choice is music.


Initially, I tried using different types of music to accompany healing sessions. It felt wrong. Like using someone else's toothbrush. Thus, I created my own.


Each score is carefully crafted. Infused with relaxing and healing intentions. Instilled with Reiki energy. Awash with nourishing frequencies. A gentle yet powerful sound weave.


My music is a vital ingredient in my healing, teaching, and creative art. I use it throughout my Reiki sessions, classes, and workshops. It is both a solid anchor and gentle guide for your healing journey.


How does it work?

Similar to Reiki, sound healing uses specific frequencies, notes, and rhythm to bring your biofield into a healthy balance.


What happens during a sound healing session?

The practitioner uses their method of choice either individually or in a group setting. You relax and let the sonic vibrations do all the work!


How do you use sound to heal?

I use my original music to carry the healing frequencies, notes, and tones to help heal, soothe, and relax you.


What is Reiki?

Reiki is using the flow of universal energy to heal, soothe, and regenerate.


How does it work?

By balancing your electromagnetic biofield.


Why is it so effective?

Our biofield is our foundation of life and an additional 'sense.' Imbalances can cause health issues and vice versa.


What happens during a Reiki session?

The practitioner places their hands gently on your body and conducts the healing energy through them, into your biofield.


How long does it take to work?

It can take just one session to feel results, but often takes about a handful for maximum effects.


Is it safe?

Reiki is 100% safe, effective, zero side effects, no interactions with medications or conditions, and works for all ages. Even works on animals, plants, and spaces!

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