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Meet My Three Minds

My background is in science. Pharmacology. Numbers and preciseness. One wrong number or decimal point, missing or added letter, and someone could get hurt. Or worse. This requires a Linear Mind.


I shifted from practising Western medicine to holistic healing. Reiki and sound healing. Mindfulness and meditation practice. Energy work. This requires an Intuitive Mind.


During this shift, I developed a deep connexion with nature. Countless hours of country walking. I created countryside cards to celebrate and highlight this beautiful land. I compose my own music and healing frequencies for my holistic practices. This requires a Creative Mind.


These are My Three Minds.


Saxifrage Closeup
Inside My Three Minds

Sometimes they work together. Other times they collide.


Linear and Intuitive for aspects of my healing practices. Intuitive and Creative for my art, music, and teaching methods.


Linear Mind catapults me into hours of intense research. A heavy dose of extreme curiosity energizes my hunger for information. This tends to distract my Intuitive Mind. Practiced focus mandatory to sequester Linear Mind from my awareness.


Creative Mind sneaks up behind Linear Mind. Strict boundary lines dissolve. "The Way Things Should Be" becomes "The Way I Want Things To Be." Fun with numbers. Dancing with data.


Intuitive Mind gently takes the reigns of the other two. Usually I am unaware of this until later. As long as I stay out of my own way, this works extraordinarily well.


Until recently, I tended to complicate everything. Intense preparation. Research. Creating and recreating. Repeat.


Now I desire to simplify.


Surprisingly, this is not easy.

Country Lane Secrets - A mysterious hidden locked door
Unlocking the Secrets of Simplicity


Linear Mind craves extensive data. References. Explanation.


Creative Mind desires bigger. Brighter. Woven layers.


Intuitive Mind looks on with parental amusement. The best aspects of the other two minds stay. Everything else released.


Consistent, regular practice using the above method has proven successful. Every single day I aspire to fully embrace this new mindset. Awareness. Practice. Repeat.









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