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Weathering Spring in England

Updated: Oct 7, 2022


England Spring Seasonal Adventure

View from Hog Hill Windmill towards the English Channel
English Channel from Hog Hill Windmill

A break in the springtime rain offered a window to head out for an afternoon stroll. There were still showers about, but that has never deterred me.

So, I geared up and headed out, veering from the lane to follow the footpath leading up past Hog Hill Windmill Studios, then exiting at Windmill Lane by the apple orchards.

Apple orchards along Windmill Lane

I sauntered through Cock Wood in neighbouring Icklesham for a full-on English Bluebell Season Experience.

After about an hour of Woods Therapy, it was time to head home.

View of storm towards Icklesham and Hastings
Towards Icklesham & Hastings

Looking to my left along the path from the woods, parallel to Windmill Lane, I realized I was racing against an oncoming storm.

Fairlight and Hastings view from footpath
Behind me along footpath

The air was heavy, the sky dark, and an ominous awareness of the approaching rain felt stronger with each step forward.

I turned around, and the sky seemed to straddle the path behind me, with one side presenting fluffy clouds while the other side offered brooding menace.

Manor Farm Oast along Windmill Lane under storm clouds
Manor Farm Oast under Storm Clouds

Returning to my original direction, I glanced left.

Dark, prominent storm clouds seemed to hover over Manor Farm Oast on Windmill Lane.

The brick red colour of the twin oasts and a couple of springtime-red trees were distinctive amongst the spring-fresh greenery of surrounding foliage and adjacent field.

Storm clouds over Hastings, view from footpath in Icklesham, East Sussex, England
View towards Hastings

A sense of urgency to get home before the rain wrestled with an overwhelming awe, curiosity, and impossible-to-resist need to capture this magical moment on camera.

View of the English Channel next to Elms Farm on Windmill Lane in Icklesham, East Sussex, England
Towards English Channel at Elms Farm

After exiting the path at Elms Farm, I looked to my right towards the English Channel. It was as if there was no oncoming storm.

The mid-spring sea and sky were blue and tranquil, dotted by a scatter of white, fluffy clouds that added both texture and contrast to the view.

Hog Hill Windmill from Wickham Rock Lane in Winchelsea, East Sussex, England
Hog Hill Windmill from Wickham Rock Lane

Five minutes later, I passed Hog Hill Windmill on my left, the scene of the approaching summer rainstorm reinforced the need to get home before getting drenched.

With angry, oppressive skies to my left and a glorious summer scene to my right, I carried on homewards, surrounded on all sides by the full range of English Summer Weather.

Moments after arriving home, the first heavy drops of rain hit the windows.



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