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Violet African Daisy



Winchelsea Beach Lockdown 2020
Winter Sun through Fern


Flexible Scheduling ❖ Volume Discounts Available

Enjoy from the comfort of your own home or accommodation   ❖  Virtual Sessions or In-Person

Individual Appointments tailored to meet your unique needs  ❖  Group Sessions and Workshops

Available for small speaking engagements starting Autumn 2024: The Art of Holistic Living

Countryside Cards for Meditation or to Share   

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RENEW your mental and emotional state


ENHANCE your power over your own mind using simple yet powerful techniques


RECLAIM control of your emotions and reactions

❖ REFRESH your relationship with the natural world

❖ ENRICH your life with small but potent practices using Nature's gifts

RELATE to Nature in surprising and delightful ways

❖ RELAX your physical body and personal energy field (biofield)

❖ ENJOY the luxurious energetic tapestry combining the healing power of Reiki energy and balance effects of Sound Healing

❖ REDUCE anxiety, stress, and worry

Helping You Help Yourself

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