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Winter Sun through Fern

My work, my well-being, and my creativity depend on my deep connexion with nature. It plays an important role in my healing practices. Inspires my creativity. A part of who I am.


We have amputated our interaction with the natural world. This disconnect contributes to our decrease in health and well-being. Studies prove this. Our own experience reminds us as well. Spending time in nature simply feels right. Even pictures of nature help us feel better.


I use parts of the natural world in my healing and teaching methods. Feathers. Stones. Pinecones. Items I encounter along my many countryside wanders. It's as if Nature Herself offers each to me. A gift. A treasure to take home and appreciate. A tie to moments surrounded by her soothing embrace.


I have a burning desire. Expressing gratitude for and awareness about our beautiful surroundings. Images of my countryside adventures adorn each card. I also use them in my mindfulness and meditation practices and workshops. A deep connexion with nature completes my healing trifecta.

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