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Violet African Daisy Framed

Reiki is the Japanese art of energy healing. The practitioner taps into the universal energetic flow. This harmonious energy then flows into you. A resonant reset occurs, bringing balance to your biofield. A balanced biofield encourages our own body's amazing ability to heal.


Everything vibrates.


Specks of sand. Gigantic galaxies. Tall trees. All clusters of energetic frequencies. Electromagnetic fields are the building blocks of existence. All life is a perpetual symphony of dancing frequencies.


The biofield is the electromagnetic field enveloping each living thing. Including us. It flows within and without, extending about two meters beyond our body. Our biofield is the foundation of our health, well-being, and state of mind.


Imbalance, disturbance, and blockages within our biofield create chronic conditions and illness. Anxiety. Stress. Lack of sleep. These cause biofield imbalances. Over time this causes physical, mental, and emotional distress. 


The Reiki Practitioner is a conduit of the harmonic universal energy flow. Like a copper wire. Or a straw. Reiki is all natural. Safe. Effective. Relaxing.


Reiki encourages a balanced biofield. A balanced biofield allows healing. Well-being. Better health.


Wickham Rock Lane Dressed in Autumn

Sound is the interpretation of vibration by our ears. Sounds fill our environment. Traffic. Airplanes. Wind and rain. Even our blood whooshing through our bodies contributes to the daily symphony.


A sea of sound surrounds us.


Of all our senses, sound tends to take a backseat. We are aware of what we see, feel, and even smell. What we hear tends to go unnoticed.


Sound has the power to harm or heal. Soothe or irritate. Even evoke shades of memories long forgotten. Sound healing uses vibration and frequency to bring balance to your body.


A balanced body is a happy, healthy body.


My sound healing tool of choice is music.


During my Reiki sessions, background music is vital to the experience. Rather than using someone else's, I decided to create my own.


Each score develops with relaxing, and healing intentions Reiki energy infused. Healing frequencies.


My music is a vital ingredient in my healing art.

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