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Sound Effect

Sound has an uncanny ability to immediately change our moods, state of mind, and emotions. It wasn't until I decided to integrate sound, via custom music for Reiki sessions and meditations, that I realized how much, and incorporated this into my practice.

Misty morning sunrise in Winchelsea, East Sussex, England Countryside
The Inspiration for my "Morning Mists" track

Reiki sessions are usually accompanied by some type of background, or ambient, music. Although I've been a fan of some artists in this genre, I could not find anything appropriate for my own professional use. It did not speak to me, or have the transportive effects I was looking for. Every Reiki Practitioner has their own unique 'flavour' to their energy healing sessions. I knew I must use music that reflects my 'taste.' Thus, I started making my own.

Although I do not currently play an instrument, I was trained as a child in both piano and guitar. Music once held a sacred place in my life, but I all but removed it from my daily life during my settling-in period once arriving here in England. I believe I did this to detach from my 'former life,' avoiding nostalgia or intense emotions, as music tends to activate both. I didn't realize this until recently, when I welcomed music back into my life with open arms and an open heart.

Fortunately, I have access to some high-end recording and sound equipment. I played around with the huge MIDI professional keyboard and Pro Tools. The joy and glee I felt doing so took me by surprise and delight. However, it wasn't exactly what I needed for my projects. The learning curve is steep, and I just felt that there was a more suitable way. I tried a handful of free music creation software. After about a month, I discovered MuseScore. This freely available program uses sheet music creation and virtual instruments. I had found my bliss!

However, my early music training escaped me, and I had to re-learn how to use sheet music. I would sit for hours at my computer, browsing through the vast amount and variation of different instruments. I thought about the kind of ambient music that I did like, and used that as a baseline (ha!) starting point. I did not have songs in my head trying to get out, I simply experimented with what I had and, most importantly, what spoke to me, and began writing proper musical scores.

Closeup of Saxifrage in a Friend's Garden
Saxifrage: Inspiration for my "Nature's Spirals Fascination" track

Using other open-source audio software, and a bit of Pro Tools on the side, I began amassing a custom ambient music library. Sometimes I would think, "I feel like composing, let's see what happens." Other days I'd be compelled to write music, inspired by a landscape, texture or shape, even colours. Despite my usual obsession with research, facts, math, and numbers, I pushed that tendency aside, and unleashed a creative side previously unknown to me.

In addition to experimenting with creating my own music, I dove into the world of healing frequencies. There is A LOT of information out there, and I collected it with vigor and enthusiasm. There is also a lot of CONFLICTING information out there as well. I had to push the scientist in me aside and go with my intuition and spontaneity. Although being intuitive is part of my Reiki healing practice, extreme spontaneity is unfamiliar. I'm used to Having A Plan. Going with the flow is a skill I initially fumbled with, but each day it became part of not just my creative works, but how I live my life each day.

Before even considering how a particular or set of frequencies would affect other people, I tried them all on myself. If I did not like the result, or reacted with a physical and mental wince, they are not used. I have used healing frequencies on their own and incorporated within my music. As with any advice I may offer, I experimented using myself first before forming an opinion. I became a Certified Sound Healer, and create custom healing music for both general and specific.

When updating my website to include all my healing modalities, I decided to include my journey and struggles, unable to gloss over the amount of work, time, energy, and challenge after challenge this path offered. I used to think that being a healer meant you had to be 'perfect.' Yes, in retrospect it seems silly, but it's still true.

My own life challenges do not disqualify me as an effective healer. They make me a better one.


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