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What is a Biofield? Why does it matter?

We are energetic beings. What does this mean? Electricity runs through each cell. Each part. Each process of our body. Our mind. Our very essence. Electrical currents in motion create magnetic fields. This combination is electromagnetic energy.


Have you ever experienced discomfort when someone stands a bit too close to you? This is due to your biological electromagnetic field, or biofield, reacting to another's. An invisible bubble surrounds every being. Our biofield extends at least as far as you can spread your arms.


Closeup of a tree that looks like an oracle
The Oracle Tree: I have felt its biofield!

Awareness of your biofield is a powerful tool. It is also a gateway to better health and well-being. How? Why?


The biofield is a 'subtle energy.' Generally, this means being difficult to detect using current technologies. Layer upon layer of subtle energies surround us. Radio waves. Communication signals. Wi-Fi. Magnetic fields from electronic devices - especially powerful ones.


Try this: Find a speaker. Connected to your stereo. Television. Computer. Step away from it, leaving at least two feet distance. Now put your hand out in front of you. Focus on the feeling of your hand. Slowly approach the speaker. Step by step. Keep your attention on the sensations of your extended hand. Closer. Even closer. Can you feel the electromagnetic field as you approach? It is subtle, yet tangible.


This is an excellent example of how our biofield reacts to the world around us. Lack of awareness does not equal lack of existence. We are intricately affected by interactions between our biofield and the outside world. Our physical health. Emotional state. Sense of well-being. All are sensitive to these ubiquitous energies.


A tree cradles another tree in a friendly embrace
Tree Friends: Perpetually sharing biofields

Reiki works with your biofield. Sound affects your biofield. Mind practices affect your biofield. Being surrounded by nature affects your biofield. My sessions use this to explore how to use this for health. For wellness. For a higher quality of life.


Awareness. Practice. Repeat. These become habits. Healthy habits. Life-changing habits.


Start your healthy habit pattern today. Get to know your biofield. Explore a whole new world.


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